Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Advertisers new PPC network better than Google

Advertisers new PPC network better than Google

For the last few years, everyone concentrated on their rank in Google searches. All of the focus was on using the right keywords to be found by people doing related searches for their products and services. Articles and content were written with the whole focus on the repetition of words more than on the actual substance of the company, the products or even the quality of content.

The use of keywords overshadowed the substantive advertising or the names and logos that help establish a brand that people will remember and want to give repeat business to. The big businesses that were already established stayed at the top of the foodchain and smaller businesses with smaller budgets had little chance to get competitive page views, clicks or business on their websites.

 Lately, the use of Pay per click advertising has taken off in online communities. It involves advertisers and publishers coming together in a very different way. Advertisers get to set their budget and bid competitively with other businesses, regardless of size, for keywords that are reflective of their content, their goods or services.

Then they are matched with the contextually appropriate website that could give their business a real chance to expand and profit. It allows for real direct advertising to the appropriate audience. Actual ads are designed and products and services can be seen by a real audience that is already interested in a similar or related item or field.

It allows for actual connections between consumers and businesses, not just hopeful connections through hopeful searches. It really levels the playing field. PPC also allows budgets to fluctuate and they do not have to make regular payments or advertise constantly or be enlisting people to constantly update content and marketing material and will do better for searches.

It also saves time and money. With a third party website like ELeavers.com, prices are negotiable and it takes minutes to create and place an ad. ELeavers.com even manages the bids and gives what is a competitive pay per click bid for a certain keyword.

Advertisers who have the competitive bid in their specified range are given the option to bid. Advertiser can see the minimum competitive bid and decide immediately if that is something they can do or not. Once the high bid is determined, the ad is matched with the site and is published immediately.

It's a much more effective relationship that allows a business to showcase its goods and services on a site from which it has a real chance to gain an audience and profit without breaking the bank. And a service like ELeavers.com makes sure that the ads are verified and that the visitors are unique and human, not spam or bots.

They have a security system that protects the accounts of the advertisers and their funds and that all transactions are guaranteed and safe. They secure the system while making sure that advertisers are paired with the best sites rather than individuals having to try and compete for Google rankings which may or may not work


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